Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie Helpers?

This morning I finally got around to rolling and baking my Christmas cutout cookies. I have been meaning to do this for days now but it just didn't happen. Yesterday afternoon I went out shopping and got home too late to bother with cookie dough, instead we went to evening church here in Williamson and Ben and Hannah ended up going out caroling with the teen group there.

This morning seemed a good time to sort through the cookie cutters and undertake the task. I cut trees, stars, snowmen, stockings, candy canes, and snowflakes. Bella found it fun to watch, especially if there was the possibility of getting a cookie out of the deal. I wasn't so sure it was a good idea for her to "help" as she has a tendency to have a soggy thumb. Believe it or not I didn't notice the finger in the nose until I looked at the photograph.

Now it's lunch time and I'm taking a little break before I get the gingerbread dough out of the refrigerator. We will be baking little gingerbread men very soon and maybe even some gingerbread bears. Mmmm!


  1. Have a great Christmas and new year.

  2. I haven't done mine yet either.

  3. My helpers are coming on Wednesday.

  4. Oh, how fun! I can almost smell them from here! :)

  5. Wonder Christmas Kitchen pictures. Love those little faces. Martha, I think if I were a little girl, I would like to live in your house. I find you so delighful, and such a heart for the Lord.... Loved the pictures and your words about your brother. That is truly sweet that Rachel takes your mom to see him.

    My English Toffee was a disaster! The sun shined, I've made it for years on end... and today it just ended up a pile of sugar, chocolate, nuts and butter. I put it in a container... I think I will invent a new coffee cake called English Toffee Coffee cake and had a cup to the batter. What do you think?

    Merry Christmas dear.... I love you.

  6. Wanda, I think English Toffee Coffee cake sounds wonderful!