Friday, December 04, 2009

That is Sick!

It has been a sick week. Ben was feeling slightly off Sunday evening and by Monday morning he was cooking a nice fever, 102.7. By Tuesday afternoon I began to have concerns when he started twitching, breathing heavy, and looking as though he was either going to start hallucinating or pass out. I took him to the doctor who determined it was not strep but likely one of those very nice viruses traveling about. She suggested 3 Motrin every 6 hours. It seemed to work well as long as we kept ahead of it. Wednesday evening he seemed to be coming out of it and was fine yesterday too. This afternoon he seems to have suffered a relapse though the fever is not what is was earlier in the week.

Hannah feels rather pukey tonight. No fun. This is not what she wanted this weekend, she had plans. Emma was sick over Thanksgiving and everyone we talk to seems to be coughing. Good thing I stocked up on giner ale. It is what my father always brought home for sick tummies, and Canada Dry is the best. I just may be picking up a few more bottles tomorrow.


  1. Ouch! get well Teals! Mart, take care of you too! hugs.

  2. Sounds like the same bug Arn and Nancy had last month. The daddy and Caroline didn't get it. So that could be a clue that not all of your family will get it.

    Will pray you don't and they recover quickly. If it is the same, they started to get better and relapsed a couple of times and the cough lasted forever(it seemed)

  3. I'm glad you commented on my blog because Don's laptop doesn't have all my bookmarks, and I can't remember all the blog addresses of my favorites.

    Yes, Ginger Ale, or 7 up... my mom's favorite remedies for being sick too.

    Funny, but every time we fly (which isn't that much) I always get the Ginger Ale.

    I love your Winter banner and wall paper... because of you I will be changing mine from time to time.

    Hope everyone is well soon. You take care of Martha too.


  4. Hope everyone is 100% better soon. I have a bad cold, but Audra seems better now.

  5. Hope everyone feels better soon and you don't catch it! I had a 10 day flu last month and miraculously nobody else got it! Something fizzy to drink...that always makes you feel better when you are sick!

    Love the Christmas decorating going on over here! :)

  6. Thank you everyone. So far I am doing okay aside from fighting the constant seasonal headache. Poor Ben has the stomach bug on top of the flu. He's rather frustrated at the moment. (Bella had the tummy bug last night too...)

    I'll be heading out to find some more fizzy drinks sometime soon and maybe I'll make another pot of tea. I've got a book to type up and figure out how to print and bind by Christmas, so there is plenty to keep me busy.

    Priscilla, I'm guessing Jamie arrived home safely. :) Have fun at the wedding today.

  7. Poor Ben and Hannah. I hope it's very short lasting. :|

  8. hey that's what my grandma always gave me... I like 7 up the best. but it was mostly the canada dry. bluck!