Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"The Life of Me"

Sunday afternoon I went up to the attic bedroom at Mom's house to see what needs to be done before Jim comes home for Christmas (just in case he decides to spend a bit of time there...). I was distracted by peeking into the attic. Though there is not really much stored away up there, once in a while I find a treasure. Sunday I hit the jackpot; I found two very old journals of my dad's and a box of letters various people sent to James and I when we lived in Albuquerque. I will go through the letters eventually, for now I am concentrating on the journals. They have captured my attention.

My eyes are puffy, my throat is scratchy, and I continue to pour over dusty old documents. Allergy medicine and decongestant are helpful in my quest. I must remember to be thankful for them. I'm not sure if I will ever get all the old notes, papers, and journals into any semblance of order, they are jumbled together with video and audio recordings, photographs and memories, but with the Lord's help maybe something will eventually come together.

I hope my family will be patient with me as I endeavor to copy and print out Dad's first journal. I was both blessed and amazed at what I found and I think they will be too.


  1. How fun to be reading through your dad's old journals! He was quite an artist, too, I must say!

    I can totally relate to the allergies! I recently switched to Zertec, which is so much better in my opinion.

  2. What treasure you have..... a Christmas gift that notebook will be. Thanks for understanding--- I can feel your pain.

  3. Very cool. I can't wait to read it. I'm being bad because I'm not supposed to be on the computer. It's hard to stay off.