Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

The days are flying by. December will have come and gone before we know it and there are still so many things to be done. I have finished copying Dad's journal and am on to print preparation... Thus far I have refused to let the pressure of the holiday season get me down, and have only lost two December weekends to illness. Never mind that we have only had two weekends to December and the next one promises to be busy. (There is a birthday party planned for this Saturday because somebody is turning one...) Jim plans to arrive in town Sunday. I am looking forward to wrapping my arms around my oldest boy and giving him a big, long hug. I have missed him.
I had thought to tell you about our shopping excursions with Bella and Emma, but found these photos instead; some memories from last year, preserved not only in a few photographs, but a video tape as well, thanks to Josiah and a college professor who gave him an old video camera so he could record some of his grandfather's stories. I'm glad he took up the task and actually did it.
The camera man eventually wore out and decided to take a nap, but not before asking grandpa about several of his childhood adventures. There is even one story on the tape that I had never heard before. Who could have known that they would be such a gift this year?


  1. That's great that the tape was made!
    We recorded my dad playing harmonica the Thanksgiving before he died. Unfortunately, it was on the camcorder with 8mm (I think) tapes, and we've nothing to play those on now. I'm hopeful my son can figure out what needs to be done to transfer them to something we can watch.

  2. This pic of Dad on his last Christmas with us brings me to tears tonight.
    I can't wait to see the tape! God is so good to let us have that. :)
    joeks, my husband transferred some of our 8mm tapes by using another digital video camera he had borrowed from someone. If you don't have access to one, I know there are places that will do it for you, hopefully for not too high a price.

  3. You will all enjoy watching that tape! I remember the first Christmas without my father-in-law...he was certainly missed! Your video will help fill that void just a little. :)

  4. The recorder idea was a good one. I think more people should do that. I know my kids have never asked me about anything I did so when I go the stories go with me I guess.

    Thanks for the visit

  5. Tears... I miss him. Especially lately. :(