Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Change of Scenery

"The Claw" has returned and the old apple trees across the street are destined for the fire. Impressive is an understatement. This massive piece of equipment is ruthless when it comes to old trees. They don't stand a chance. There is no fighting back, no resisting, instead they are "plucked" up by the roots like a mere weed. (You all know there is an analogy here...) I don't believe there is much chance of these old apple trees being redeemed. They have lived long and borne much fruit. I believe they did a good job and produced just exactly what was expected, but they are old trees now, soon to be replaced by new stock, and there is not much call for apple wood in the woodworking industry. I'm glad I'm not a tree and that I am held in the Father's hand. I don't need to worry about "The Claw".


  1. Hummm... what is the Christian equivalent of "the Claw"?

    Apple wood smoked bacon is a very pricey item. :)

  2. Wow...any little boys at your house to enjoy watching that?

    Great analogy, too, btw.

  3. Betsy, I actually did happen to have two little boys here for the afternoon, but they had already watched "The Claw" pull apple trees in the orchard next to their house last year. They were more interested in my box of old Lincoln logs.

    Judi, I suppose "The Claw" could be likened to death or anything else that comes our way threatening to destroy us. Maybe even fear itself.

  4. I hate to see trees cut down but have had three of mine cut down. Not for the same reason but because of a new $5,000.00 driveway and we didn't want the roots to destroy it and the new sidewalks. Now, we have smaller trees, shrubs and bushes.

    I have always thought the trees would run away if they could. If the old one could wobble along like an old man or woman, I am sure it wouldn't be there when the machine came.

  5. Lincoln there's a fun memory!