Monday, December 07, 2009

Josh Talks

As amazing as it was to watch my own children grow it is even more amazing to watch my grandchildren. I can hardly believe it when I listen to this little guy talk. He is so cute and funny (most of the time) and although he usually call me "Buppa" there have been a few times when he has decided to call me "Martha" like Emma and Bella.

Bella was taking a nap when Josh arrived this afternoon. He was supposed to gather pine cones with Mommy, but she made the mistake of coming inside first and Josh decided to "take off his coat and stay a while". "Do you want to play toys?" he asked me. How could I resist?

On a side note, I think the tummy bug is past now, at least here. It hit at least four of the seven children who were here last Thursday, and then went on to take down my mom, Dave and Leta, as well as Bella's mom. It hits hard and fast and reminds me of a Christmas gathering in Colorado a few years back where two thirds of the family was violently ill. Luckily it is short lived.


  1. Haha...I remember that...33 house...3 bathrooms (2 which we could use)...and 10+ sick people at one time...not including needing showers ;-)

  2. Memorable to say the least.
    It will always be one of my very favorite Christmases. (I can say that because I didn't get sick.)

  3. You didn't get sick this time either, did you Martha? You must have quite the immune system. :) So far I'm feeling good in spite of spending an hour or so with Mom yesterday just before she came down with it. I think those bugs were chasing me down the driveway, but I was faster.

    I can't imagine what that Christmas must have been like with so many sickies in 1 house. It must have been stinky...very sour.