Thursday, December 08, 2016

There Will Be Pictures...

... eventually. Maybe this afternoon.

There are so many thoughts bopping about in my brain that I scarcely know which one to follow. There is a house to clean, cookies dough to mix, and a Bible study to complete... The chickens have been tended, the dish washer run, and the bed made... But those aren't the bouncing, bopping thoughts.

I am still thinking on my ability (or mostly inability) to say no and go with it. I am also pondering my own lack of skills when it comes to asking for what I need. I've taught my children the bad habit of being indirect ("Hey, Joe, what are your plans today?" I heard myself say.) rather than being specific. (I should have said, "Hey, Joe, do you have time to help me move some furniture this afternoon?") I know I can feel cornered when asked what I'm doing on a supposed day off, rather than being told exactly what is needed. It makes answering so much easier if I know precisely what is being asked. Perhaps I need to let the need for specifics be known, and then start saying no when the questions aren't direct...

It's not really others I am working on, it's me. I'm not trying to be mean or selfish, although it can feel that way. I am trying to untangle some of the unhealthy thoughts and habits I've picked up on my way through life, thoughts and habits that make relationships and living day to day more complicated.

And then there are those bouncing Christmas thoughts... "Never be ready" seems to be my motto, but I'm purposing not to stress this year. (Ha ha! I'm trying to purpose anyway.) Thinking about painting some of these ideas on a few of those pallet pieces... If only I can sit still long enough.


  1. Martha, are these your paintings? If so paint more and clean the house less. No one ever died of a dirty house! I'm a lot older than you and I've learned that life moves on even if not as we've planned things. Make today the best day possible.

    1. These are not mine, but I can paint, if I make it a priority. I can do this, just haven't been. Been working instead.

  2. Paint, Paint and do what you want! This is my motto for the new year. I don't paint but I am determined to find more time to do the things I want instead of always doing for everyone else.

    1. I don't mind doing for others, I just can ALWAYS do what they ask. Sometimes I have to say no. And yes, I do need to paint. What I'd really like is a friend to paint with. Wanna come over?