Friday, December 30, 2016

Minnesota Arrives

There were micro pellets covering the ground when I went to let the chickens out today. Tiny snowballs of varying sizes covering the ground and rolling about in the wind.

I cleaned somewhat frantically this morning. Somewhat... But Minnesota didn't come to see if my house was spotless. They came because they love us and want to spend a little bit of the holiday with their family.

Austin fell asleep watching a movie in the recliner with his daddy this evening. He woke up just enough to decide he didn't want to pick up the Matchbox cars and he really didn't want to stay here overnight. He wanted to go home. But "home" is seventeen hours away. Poor child. His grandpa says by the end of the week he won't want to go home. Aside from the tears before bed, it was a good day.

And in other news, Number 10 will make his arrival very soon. He is a tiny guy so there is some concern for his safety. Our sweet daughter in law is being induced due to his being so small. Prayers would be appreciated.


  1. Love seeing Daddy and son sleeping together. My dearest likes to sleep in his recliner.

    Will be praying for #10.

    Happy New Year...praying for a good one.

  2. I love the picture of Jim and Austin too. Very cute! Not surprising he wanted to go home to his own bed in his very sleepy state. who wouldn't rather sleep in their own bed?
    I didn't realize there were any concerns about #10. Praying for his health and his safe arrival.