Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Christmas Pie

When Rachel and I visited our brother Tim last week, the subject of Christmas gifts came up and we reminisced on the story Mom would tell about one time when they were out shopping with Dan and Tim before the holiday. It was time to leave the toy store and Timmy, then maybe three or four years old, turned around and waved at the Hobby Horse he'd been admiring. "Bye, Haudie..." he said. Mom said it was the first,and maybe only, time he'd ever asked for a specific Christmas gift. Of course, they went back later and bought it.

It's harder to pick gifts for Tim now (Mom always got him a new shirt), but I got the idea of taking him an apple pie for Christmas. It became the topic of conversation while we took our drive. At one point Rachel leaned over, looked him straight in the face, and said, "Do you want an apple pie for Christmas?" and he answered with a faint, soft "yes."

So, this morning I baked another one of my frozen apple pies and while it was still warm, Rachel came to get me for another ride to Newark. We arrived shortly after lunch (11:30 am) and went out for our customary drive through the drumlins while he ate a few cookies and a glove compartment candy cane. Of course, we stopped at Wendys for that "one small chocolate Frosty, please" which he devoured in a minute flat.

 We had one of the aides take our picture before we went home today. Just one picture, because the first one turned out so good. Even Tim smiled when we showed it to him.