Friday, December 02, 2016

What? No Pictures?

I've not been out picture taking since my walks in the woods. I've been preoccupied instead. Went out to breakfast and lunch with friends but didn't take the camera out. Went to visit  my new grandson, but rather than take his picture, we cuddled. It was nice. I've been to work, church, and out shopping, but not down to the bay and not in the woods.

I did have a message from the Cabinet Maker last night. He said a black lab was out in the yard chasing our chickens, but I wasn't there with my camera to document it. I counted eleven chickens yesterday morning. Now we have ten. Unless she's in hiding, 1 black lab + 11 chickens = 10 chickens. I'm keeping them in today, just in case, Hate doing that, but it's better than the alternative. Aye yi yi! Kids with sticks and a black lab. Those chickens never catch a break.

My friend Lia sent me some pictures of Sofie last night. It's good to know she's happy and enjoying her "new" home. She's been there almost a year now.

UPDATE- Eleven. there are eleven chickens. One was out alone today when I returned from visiting my brother. (It's hard to get one stupid chicken into the coop without letting the others out. I lost count of how many times I followed her around it.


  1. I hope that you get a lot of enjoyment from those chickens. Take care!

  2. Hope you enjoyed snuggling that grandson!

  3. Oh my...the continued Chicken Count. Sophie looks very happy.

    1. Sofie is very happy. She's been there a full year now.