Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Sparkle On!

We have a tree, now all we need is some lights and sparkle.
I'm going to work again today, without a headache, and then I will have several days off. I think that will be nice. Perhaps I shall sparkle the house and tree, whip up some cookie dough, or play festive music... Maybe I'll even take pictures!

Today marks the 5th anniversary of a terrible fire in West Webster that killed the two brothers and father of my childhood friends. It is also the birthday of the oldest son who went to kindergarten with me, whooped me in winter games of King of the Mountain, and pummeled me in after school snowball fights. He is one who would knock on my bedroom window in the dark during our teenage years in hopes that I might have a piece of gum to mask whatever kind of mischief he'd been up to. I rarely see him now, but still smile at the thought of childhood/Wonder Year memories, and once in a while the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies brings him to mind.


  1. ...always take time to enjoy this special time of year.

    1. Always. Even if you are sitting in a nursing home.