Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bouncing About

I'm not the kind to take unnecessary risks, so bungee jumping is not on my "list of things to do" before I die, or die doing for that matter, but life can sometimes feel like a bungee jump all its own. It's the bouncing back and forth (or up and down) that leaves me both dizzy and quite unable to stand up and walk a straight line. (Yes, Wanda. Another riddle for you... Sorry.)

So anyway, I've been bungee jumping (figuratively), not by my choice, but bungee jumping regardless. And I don't care for it much. Every time I think I know which direction I'm headed, I am yanked back upward and come back down again in a slightly different location. It's exhausting.

I have been grateful recently for quiet afternoons here at work. While my friend rests, I sit in her room doing puzzles on my Nook or, if I'm feeling brave, I lug my laptop along to work for the afternoon hours. Today "The Hat Man" is out in the hallway singing Christmas songs to the members who live here. Each song comes with a new hat perched atop his head. I can only imagine what his closets look like. haha! I found his picture on Facebook. Apparently he is a regular in several area nursing homes. Some of the aides here think he's creepy, but I find him rather amusing. Of course, all of today's hats are Christmassy in one way or another. I didn't see any Sombreros, but then again I'm not out there with the rest of the audience. G is tucked into bed and we're listening from here, just across the hall. I told her she has the best seat in the house.