Saturday, December 10, 2016

There's another shovel right there. Wanna help me dig this hole?

Looks like I'm just digging myself in deeper. Do you think it's possible to dig oneself out of a hole? What if I dig down to the water table and let it fill up? Will I drown? Or can I hope to swim out? What if all I know is the back float and doggy paddle?

It's snowing. Winter has returned. Finding myself tired and discouraged today, I took a nap. This afternoon I built a fire in the wood stove. I didn't bake or paint. I didn't want to. But I am still thinking about it.


  1. Dear Martha...You write in riddles and proverbs...I like them...don't always understand them. But this I would float to the top and find a way out. Love and Hugs.

    1. I often hope riddles and vague references will keep me safe. They usually don't but the interesting thing is that another year down the road even I might not know what I was referring to.
      Love you too.

    2. I love Wanda's comment, and I love you too. I wish you came today instead of staying home and being discouraged. A few people asked where you were. Pam was there with Aunt Margie. She seems like she's really slipped since we visited her. She fell and broke her arm in October, and stopped wearing her wig when she couldn't put it on. So she was all gray... her real hair, which I haven't seen for several years.

  2. ...let me tell you Martha, after being in the nursery/landscape business for close to 50 years, digging a hole is the only job where you start at the top and work your way down! Oh, and by the way your new banner is great. My best to you!