Monday, November 28, 2016

Posting Scripture

I was asked recently about the scriptures I post... It was mentioned that perhaps I wasn't actually living what I was posting. I bit my tongue. The suggestion was made that I was posting them only for me, as though they didn't apply to someone else. I said nothing.

The plain and simple truth is I am holding on with everything inside me. I had a daddy who lived his faith every day. He was the same man at home with his family as he was while sitting in a pew at church. In fact at his memorial service I said "...the greatest thing about my dad was his love for Jesus Christ and the gospel he lived from day to day. He was the same man at church as he was sitting at home on the back porch playing his banjo and harmonica." My dad has been gone for seven years, but he is my inspiration today, he is the reason I have hope. I saw Jesus modeled in my dad.

I don't take my faith lightly. It plays a part in all that I do, every decision that I make. It affects how I treat others and how I respond to what life throws my way. It doesn't make life necessarily easy. It's not a crutch. In fact sometimes it makes deciding what to do downright frustrating, but in spite of that, I know He loves me and He is there to catch me when I fall.


  1. I would say whoever said that is very rude! From where I sit, you live your faith every day. I don't know you personally, but I can tell from your writings AND photos you have a generous soul. We all live our lives as best as we can. I think the fact that you bit your tongue speaks volumes.......... Have a lovely day Martha :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

    1. Thanks, Marilyn. You have a lovely day too.

    2. I DO indeed know you personally...who in the world would say such a thing to you???

  2. I commend you for holding your tongue. That's hard to do. Not sure if I could do it.