Friday, November 04, 2016

Dad's Music

I went searching today, through drawers, cabinets, and boxes, looking for the CD that holds my father playing his guitar and harmonica. Not only had I mentioned his harmonica playing to a friend last night, but when my heart is hurting and tears sting, I find great comfort in hearing my dad play those old hymns. He can't be here in body, but he feels close when I listen to his music.

This isn't on the CD, and I've posted it before, but it's one I love too. I remember the days he would sing it when I was just a little girl, probably six or seven years old. I learned to love his music, the way he played his instruments and how he sang, but sadly, I never learned to play.

Sometimes listening to him play helps me cry, and sometimes it just calms my anxious heart and thoughts. I will be forever grateful for the gifts he left behind to  help me through hard times.


  1. It's sometimes hard to tell.

  2. I often think your dad and mine (he died in 2000) were very much alike. Dad also played harmonica. Not the banjo, but he did play hymns on a zither. Sadly, I only remember recording a little of his singing on an 8mm tape, which is currently lost/non-playable. Hopefully our son will be able to convert our old tapes sometime so we can see and hear his singing again. You have a treasure!

    1. I think a lot of yesteryear's dad's played harmonicas.