Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bits and Pieces

On Monday morning I received an email from my boss. She was looking for information on my flu shot. The one I didn't get... I told her I'd put it on my list of things to do that day. So I stopped at Walgreens, succumbed to the pressure, and was rewarded with a pretty red band-aid on my shoulder which scared the

Tuesday morning found me running a tad late and so I drove my vehicle down around the barn to let the chickens out on my way out of the driveway. I opened the door and they came pouring out. I filled their pan with feed and tossed some out into the grass, and looked in the coop to
see if I might need to collect an egg or two. All this gave Coq au Vin enough time to notice I was not carrying the customary stick (or camera). As he bravely strutted my direction, I grabbed the closest thing available, a jug with a few inches of water inside. I warned him of the impending shower, but he paid no mind and was rewarded with a splash on his pretty tail feathers as a result. While he regained his composure (and stupidity) I hopped into the van and drove off.

Today I left home in a world awash in sunshine. Since I'd left slightly early, I took my camera along and snapped a few pictures along the way. In spite of my lollygagging, I arrived a little bit early for my chiropractor appointment. The sun was shining bright when I went inside. When I came out 20 minutes later, there was not a ray of sun to be seen. All was overcast, but my headache was gone so all was well.