Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sleepy, Sunny Saturday

I woke up early this morning and went off to our once a month Ladies' Bible study in Webster. I'd planned to take another walk with my sister afterward and have her husband take a look at my laptop, but my cell phone wasn't working and I was feeling almost teary. (Which had nothing to do with the stubborn cell phone.) Instead of turning right at the light, I changed my mind, turned the opposite direction, and headed back toward home. It's been an emotional roller coaster kind of week. Sleepless nights and raw emotions caught up with me, and something about the look at "barrenness" in the study made me long to go home.

Back home in the kitchen I opened the fridge. An repulsive odor tumbled out (This has been the norm lately...) and I decided the mostly empty appliance was ripe for a cleaning. Questionable objects, unidentified furry creatures, and outdated containers found a new home in the trash. Shelves were removed and wiped down, and soon the old girl was sparkling once again. (Okay, maybe not quite "sparkling" but it is clean and fresh smelling once again.) 

The sunshine outside beckoned but something inside pulled my head down onto a couch pillow. It wasn't long before the world slipped away and slumber descended. Even an hour later I had a hard time shaking the sleepiness from my mind and body, but I picked myself up, pulled on coat and boots and headed out into the yard. A short time later I was back in the house making a pot of coffee.


  1. When I was working furry things would find their way into my fridge too! My husband and kids called it the penicillin factory!! :-) :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

    1. Ha ha! Yeah, something like that.