Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jumbled Thoughts About Nothing Much

My thoughts have been a bit jumbled lately and when I come to write, the words don't flow. Instead I sit and stare at the blank white screen with unmoving fingers. It isn't that the thoughts aren't in there, but there must be a bottleneck preventing them from spilling out. I've been thinking maybe I need a paper journal and several hours of uninterrupted quiet.

I started a new book which is giving me a slightly different perspective on pain and struggles, and I have been taking a look into the life of Job as well. (Okay, so I've only read Job 1 so far... but it is a start and it's been several years now since I last read it from start to finish.)

My adventure in walking has been good, but my bathroom scale couldn't care less what my feet have been up to when they aren't standing atop the stupid scale. I know. I have to give it time, but what I really want is a magical overnight transformation.

Chickens. We did it. We have a box of twelve 5 day old cheeping biddies in the other room. (Are they still considered biddies when they're babies?) I'll keep you posted on how this adventure progresses.

And, I am playing Words with Friends on Facebook with my boss's mother in law. Family businesses are funny things. I'm  not "friends" with Sue, but I am friends with both her in laws. Then again, her father in law is my mom's first cousin... (And I don't know how I got off on that except that it was my turn to make a word in the game.)

I think I might need a vacation. ha ha!


  1. Simple changes often yield big results. Since January I have been walking every day for thirty minutes (forty yesterday) and trying to eat better. This week I saw my doctor and the good news is that I'm down 17 pounds. Keep moving my friend.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I've not been out for a good walk the past couple of days. I feel m ore like taking a nap, but I know being outside and moving is better. Congratulations on the weight loss!