Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A Few Thoughts, Maybe

I writing this morning, not because I have anything of interest to share, but because after nearly ten years of blogging, I don't want to stop. I've loved writing my thoughts and happenings, enjoyed making new friends, and found it therapudic, but lately the words don't flow.

I feel a little lost in life right now and am not entirely certain how or where to find myself again. Perhaps it's empty nest syndrome, but my house isn't exactly empty. That smiling child has come to stay for a few months and I've been blessed this week to have him smile and "talk" to me. We're making friends with each other and that is a wonderful thing.

The Naughtiest discovered Christmas ornaments this morning, particularly one that is actually a little gold bell, like the kind Zantac (Go, spellcheck!) gave the boy in "Polar Express." Now the fun begins... We're going to try hanging one on a knob away from the tree to see if that will help. I know. Don't count  on it.

What I'd really like to do right now is stay home and paint an army of snowmen. I have enough fence pieces, but not enough free time at home. This little guy is at Hannah's house waiting for her to come home. 


  1. I Love your Snowman!
    What a great job you did!
    A lot of us have those feelings from time to time have had a very topsy turvy are a strong will bounce'll see!
    Keep your eyes on those naughties!!
    That wee boy is a cutie pie♥️
    Sun this morning...clouds are back :o(

    Linda :o)

    1. Thank you for reply, Linda.
      I do hope I make the bounce soon. I really need to resolve the job situation. Either tough it out or put out some different applications.
      I am planning to keep my eye on these Naughties tomorrow. And maybe I'll drag a couple more fence sections up to the back porch. You can never have too many snowmen.

    2. You are thinking of changing jobs?
      It must be very draining...perhaps that is the root of your mood....hmmmm...something to think about...
      I agree....never too many snowmen :o)

    3. I work 3 days each week. Monday and Tuesday from 11:30am til 7:30pm and Wednesday from 11:30am til 4:30pm. Since my client is in a facility and I am "hands off," there is very little I can actually do aside from be there. G. likes to sleep after lunch, isn't walking independently, and can't see. It leaves me feeling rather unproductive. I am really just there for her comfort and to assure that she doesn't try to get up without assistance (which I can't provide). Last week I went to a Dr appointment with her and actually helped the woman put her cast on. I felt more useful that day than I have in a long time.

    4. Good luck!
      Sounds very confusing...
      Almost with your hands tied....