Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Orchard Walk

It's Christmas Eve. There is no snow. There is not even any cold. Rochester, NY reached a high of 68 degrees today. We broke another record and I decided to wash my windows since it felt like spring. No sense waiting until it gets cold out.

Without cold and snow, and having worked every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this month, I do not feel very Christmassy. I know Christmas is not about cold and snow, but December usually is, at least where I live. I gave up on making cookies this afternoon and decided an orchard walk was in order.

I've missed so many beautiful days. Sometimes taking a bit of time out to walk  is more productive than hours spent at work (or int he kitchen). My house might not be spotless when the family arrives tomorrow, there might not be the vast array of cookies and desserts, and there might not be as many decorations, but there will be Christmas carols, a few gifts, and love and laughter, and family.

My walk was relaxing. I didn't hurry and no one rushed me on when I stopped to take photos.

The orchard was full of apples, hanging like ornaments on naked Christmas trees, and laying on the ground beneath as if The Naughties had been along and knocked them off. I didn't go far, just down to the pond and back in search of color, which  consisted of mostly rotten apples.

It was an absolutely splendid day!

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