Friday, December 04, 2015

Bits and Pieces

- Work is going. Some days are good, some days are stressful. I tend to get headaches Sunday night through Wednesday. On Thursday they subside and I'm okay again until the next Sunday evening. I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Do you suppose there's a connection?

- My friend at work met with an accident.. On Wednesday we went out and she came back with a pretty blue cast on her arm. She had me smiling several times while we were out. We were in the "cast room" when the woman on the other side of the curtain said, "Hello?" (she was making a phone call) and G said, "Hello?"
The other lady said, "Are you there?"
and G said, "Yes, I'm here..."

Too funny because G is totally serious. If she can hear them, she thinks people are talking to her. 

- With Sofie gone to Lia's house, our pet collection is down to three cats and a grandchild. There was no raucous barking in the house today. I did see one Naughty stalking some prey out by the driveway and upon further inspection saw Little Red (or one of his buddies) across the lawn. I opened the window and yelled, "Run, Little Red! Run!" at which point the cat looked up at the window like "What in the world did you do that for?"

- I am painting snowmen. On fence pieces. Again. Just something about snowmen. I love them.

- I have two batches of cut-out cookie dough waiting in my freezer. One day I will cut and bake cookies to frost with my grandkids. I do love cookies, and grandkids too.

- Nate and Sabrina are settling in. She likes to cook and I don't mind. We actually ate dinner several nights this week. I'm not sure what will happen when she has to go to work, but I'm guessing we might be eating grilled cheese.

-Poop. I hate poop. I have stepped in it two times too many in the past week. Not a pretty sight. Or smell for that matter.

 - I have taken to falling asleep during movies. I missed the entire middle section of  "Frozen" early this week, and last night I totally missed Violet Beauregard 's transformation into a blueberry in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" last night. I saw Augustus Gloop go up the tube, missed Violet, and woke up in time to watch Veruca Salt go down the garbage chute. Then I completely missed Mike TV's adventure and Charlie's ride in the glass elevator. I try to keep my eyes open, I really do, but they keep going shut.


  1. Oh Martha...I'm smiling from ear to ear as I read your story. Oh how funny with Miss G. "Hello"....haha. So Sophie has a new home.

    Like your new wallpaper, and your banner is so precious.

    Hope those headache take off, and don't come back!


    1. I am smiling to see you here.
      Yes, I think Sofie will be very happy in her new home. Having company is a big plus when one is a very small dog in a big world.

      I must carry a small notebook with me at work or I forget all the funny conversations that occur throughout the day.

      And I concur with the headaches.