Monday, December 21, 2015

Cookies or Nothing

I have nothing to write... and I find that sad.

Oh, wait! Maybe I do... My Hannah Girl called this morning looking for cookie cutters so they could decorate cutouts with her niece, nephew, and little brother in law. I asked if she had sprinkles. She didn't. I asked if she had cookie sheets. Umm... I asked if she had powdered sugar. She planned on stopping at the store one the way home. I asked if she might happen to want a batch of cutout cookie dough from my basement freezer. (I had 2 bags.) She thought having ready-made cookie dough would be a big plus.

I packed a bag. Powdered sugar, food coloring, sprinkles. Cookies cutters, baking sheets, hand mixer. Frozen cookie dough and directions. On my way to work, while Hannah was babysitting, I stopped at her house and left her all the supplies I thought she would need. I haven't seen any pictures, so you get my cookie pictures, from last year, because I can't find her last year's cookie pictures.

On Thursday I will roll and cut my own cookies. Perhaps I will find a child or two to help me decorate. I think I know a few who might be willing.

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