Saturday, September 12, 2015

Showers of Blessing

So, last night we had a little gathering and showered Hannah with a few gifts. The girls kept it simple which was really very nice. No games, no silliness, or at least not much, just some food and friendship. Bethany surprised me by asking if I would say a prayer for Hannah and Sergio. (Nothing like being put on the spot. ha ha! Like I could say no.)

Yesterday was full of activity. I helped Hannah with a project in the morning, visited my brother in the afternoon, sneaked in a run to the store, and showed up at the house early enough to help set up for the bridal shower. ("Wait until we stop eating," they said. But I caught them all with food in their  mouths instead.)

It was dark by the time we left for home (funny how that's happening more and more these days... ) but not especially late. Our sweet Jakie tuned 3 years old in the  midst of the activity. He has two special days regarding his arrival, the day of his birth and the day of his homecoming. Sometimes we like to switch them up a bit. This year we're going to party on his Homecoming Day.


  1. It was a nice shower. I checked the computer registry when I got home and all of the lamps are still on it, but were NOT on the printed registry at the store. I noticed there were some other things missing from the printed list too, such as washcloths. :\

  2. What a special day and shower. Where are they registered? It must be getting very exciting.

    1. They are registared at Target. Yes, it was a fun evening.

  3. Love showers!
    Cheers! To Hannah and Sergio♥️

    Linda :o)