Thursday, September 03, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random bits of information...

1. I'm waiting to hear... Waiting, waiting. (Come on, Baby!)

2. The space cadets are here again. I feel like one anyway. Not sure exactly why but that's how it goes some days.

3. Going out to look for wedding decorations this afternoon.

4. Going into ketosis. Maybe that's why I feel spacey. Maybe I can lose a few pounds before the wedding.

5. Fell out of bed last night. Ha ha! The dangers of having a memory foam mattress. Turns into a slide if you get too close to the edge before sitting up. Now I know.

6. I should be washing dishes or folding laundry. But I'm not.

7. We're out of bottled water
and the stuff from the tap tastes like chlorine. Blech.

8. I keep thinking about soft serve ice cream. Maybe I'll reward myself at the end of the month as a send off to summer.

9. Gramanita's coming. Can't wait. Wish she could stay longer.

10. Gave the dog a haircut. Cut all those terrible matts off her legs and feet and gave her a flea treatment. She looks funny.

11. I am out of practice when it comes to Thursday Thirteen.

12. Now that it's September I can think about fall, long sleeves, and bonfires. But first I have other things to attend to.

13. Today you get some old pictures mixed in with the new because I am on the desktop computer instead of my laptop.

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