Wednesday, September 23, 2015

As the Dust Clears

The festivities are over for now, family has gone home, and we're left with memories to savor.

Jim and Michele were here for just two days. I'd thought we'd get a whole family photo down at the lake, but my dear sweet Leta was home with three small children during the wedding, two of them throwing up. Thankfully, everyone was feeling better on Saturday.

I got my grandchild photo.
(#'s 3,7,2,1,8,4,6,5)

And the group shot.
We even got Molly the granddog in this one.

And Hannah and Sergio, who'd wanted to get a group picture with all their nieces and nephews, had to  settle for one side of the family at a time. Ah well, it's a group none the less.


  1. What a beautiful family Martha. Much to be thankful for. Nothing kids, they brighten up every picture. Lots of nephew and nieces and cousins. Life is good right now!

    1. I was gonna say the same thing Wanda....
      Such a lovely family Wanda....
      You and James are so lucky....
      Enjoy them...every last one♥️
      Linda :o)

    2. Thank you. I love having everyone in one place. It's getting trickier to accomplish, but every time we do I can't help but smile.