Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Camera in Tow

I was scheduled to work Monday, but took the day off to spend with my favorite mom in law. It was a relaxed kind of day and we wandered out into the yard, back into the orchard, and over to my friend Deborah's house, cameras in tow.

I found a piece of fall out by my mailbox. Just a little taste, but it was yummy.

Grandma loves trees. :0)

We drove back through the orchard, past the workers, all the way to Lake Road.

I can't resist "crate" shots like this one.

I didn't tell her I would be taking her to Deb's house, but I knew she would love it once we got there.

Inside Deb's Glass Nest are all sorts of wonderful things.

I'm not wanting to go to work today...
I'd rather stay home, write, and look at photographs.

PS. Happy 34th to my firstborn!

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