Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Sweet, Sweet September

September. A month of give and take. Six years ago it took my dad and gave deeper roots of faith. When I get tired and feel all is for naught, I remember how Jesus carried Dad through the battle of lung cancer, took him safely to the other side, and left us with the gift of knowing He was with us in the struggle.

September 1981 gave us our son Jimmy along with the names Mom and Dad and three years ago a little boy named Jacob came to join the family. Jakie's was a tumultuous birth, but God was there too and thanks to modern medicine and the doctors' watchful eyes, he is a healthy little boy today. We are blessed to count him as our fifth grandchild.

This September our family is growing some more. Not only are we expecting a new granddaughter (grandchild number 8) but a great niece as well. They should have been here by now, but September has such a pretty sound that they have decided to make their birthdays there rather than August.

And finally, we will gain more family in mid- September when out youngest daughter is married. In a way September will take our daughter, but it will be giving us a new son too, and for that I am grateful.


  1. Giving and taking....such a part of life. We are taking a little unexpected trip up North as Don has been asked to do the Memorial Service for a dear lady (90) who was a faithful member and friend the 27 years we served there.
    Taking my computer...will check in to see when little sister arrives. Hugs.

    1. It won't be long. Check back tomorrow if you get the chance. And keep them in your prayers tonight.