Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Gramanita's arrival time was delayed, so Hannah braved the little "Greater" Rochester International Airport alone. (Good thing it's actually little. Just three runways.)

Work was interesting as always. My dear friend had a few hallu- cinations yesterday. At one point she looked toward me and said, "Where is your head?" to which I replied, "It's on my shoulders." She was somewhat exasperated with my answer and I asked her where she expected it to be... Apparently she was "seeing" someone with a severe head injury and was terribly concerned. At one point she said it might be her son, and then whoever it was turned into "a man" or "the patient." She was no less impressed when I tried to humor her by saying I didn't have any patience. (It was a long day by then and the last half hour or so is the longest, especially when there is company waiting at home.)

I am off to work again today, but just until 4:30pm. Then I am off until Tuesday morning. I intend to have an absolutely incredible, fun-filled next five days. Hopefully there will be some great and wonderful photographs to go along with all the activity.


  1. Have heaps of fun with your family Martha :-) :-)

    Marilyn from Canada