Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Few Quiet Minutes

There are just a few minutes left to sit in the quiet before it's time to get myself ready for the day. Sleep was fairly elusive last night, probably something having to do with out-of-control-hormones. Those are the nights one particular child will enter my thoughts repeatedly and be bathed in prayer all night long. (Perhaps there is actually a reason other than hormone induced madness...)

Yesterday morning found me out on the back porch with my breakfast. It's still a nice spot to sit, but I'm not used to being out there alone day after day. It was hard to believe a few short years ago that I would ever find so many quiet moments, but it had to happen. Even my own kids couldn't stay little forever.

So, now I am off to shower and get myself ready for the new job. There is a much better sense of anticipation with this one than the last. Although I still miss my resident friends at the nursing home, I am looking forward to making new friends. My time at the facility in Sodus taught me many lessons and I am grateful for the six weeks I spent there. I have at least a little bit more confidence going into this new adventure.


  1. Good luck on your new job. I love your yellow swing, by the way.