Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cold and Wet

Not quite the June weekend we'd been hoping for. It's been a cold, wet couple of days, the kind where you wish only for a cozy corner and a warm blanket to curl up in.

There's not been much going on here at home other than feeble attempts to keep Oreo off the furniture. His abscess, which had begun to drain just before we came home yesterday afternoon, is a putrid mess. It didn't take me long to get him off the back of the couch when I saw it, but it did take a few minutes before I realized what had happened. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Silver Biotics to feed him here and there, along with a tube of Silver Gel to put on the wound once it stops draining. Tomorrow I'll have to decide whether to take him to the vet for an antibiotic shot. I'm not exactly sure how to make that decision on a 16 year old cat...

It's been a big week in the news and on Facebook. Someone posted a photo that said, "My Facebook feed looks like a battle just broke out between the Confederate Army and a Skittles factory." Guess that sums it all pretty good.

Photos are from yesterday's gathering at Canandaigua Lake. The beach was deserted aside from the geese and a few seagulls. Good thing for the pavilion we had gathered in. It was a nice party in spite of the rain.


  1. I like your pictures...especially nice of James.

    I remember when we had a cat with abscess and they put something that looked like a straw for it to drain..Yuk...and it was expensive. Hope it heals and you don't have to go to the vet.

  2. I was pleased with how the party went...inspirte of the rain.

    Thank you for all of your help with it.

    1. It was a great party, rain and all.
      And you're welcome.