Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hands Off

My new job is quite different than the previous one. I went from doing total hands on work to total hands off. It's a whole different way of thinking and the hardest thing about being a companion to my new friend is that she requires a lot of hands on care. Since she lives in a long term care facility, the hands on care doesn't come from me. I am strictly a companion. When she needs hands on help, I get to press the call button and wait for a CNA to come help her do what I would have done myself in my other job. It's like I've done a total flip flop.

Whereas my other job kept me running for twelve hours, this job comes with a potential for a significant amount of downtime. Today I was able to take my friend outside to the courtyard where we enjoyed the fresh air, sunshine, and the chirping of birds for about an hour before we came back in to her room for a snack. I'm learning something totally new all over again.

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