Monday, September 08, 2014

Playing Dress Up

Our Saturday travels took us to "Once Upon A Child" where I found a highly intriguing rack or two of child-sized costumes. There were monkey suits, plenty of pumpkin outfits, and even a zebra costume, but one costume in particular caught my eye. It was a dinosaur suit, a T-Rex suit actually. Very cool! I looked at the size. Too small for my "older" grandchildren, but just right for a couple of the smaller ones. I decided to splurge. Ha ha! Aren't they adorable?

We tried it on Aubrey after the baby shower yesterday. I think the boys were just a little disappointed that they were too big for it. It sure looked like a lot of fun!


  1. Oh Martha, you are the best grandma ever~ I just posted pictures of Tristan. I ask Jill permission, and she said no...a few minutes later, she said..Oh mom what's wrong with me...yes you can but them on your blog...just not fb. So I did.~~

    1. I'm trying to reduce my "at home" toy collection, but I still find myself looking at things to play with. This "toy" was sent home with Bethany and will "live" at her house, but if I was into collecting stuff, I think fun costumes would be right up there.