Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pie Building

It turned suddenly cold, windy, and rainy. It was a pie building kind of day, so while I was out to the bank and grocery store, I bought a bag of apples. My favorite guy helped me with the apple peeler and I stirred up a nice big bowl of pie filling. While Hannah and S. stacked firewood, I assembled pies and popped them into the oven.

I'd hoped the hot oven would warm up the house, but I'm sorry to report it didn't, and the fire I attempted to build burned up the pizza boxes but left the wood charred and cold.

The house may not have ended up warm and toasty, but it sure did smell yummy. Nothing says "home" quite like the smell of apple pie baking, except maybe fresh baked bread or Thanksgiving dinner. Of course pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookies smell like lovin' goodness too... and coffee, and molasses cookies, and chicken soup, and chili, and beef barley stew, and ....

I am going to need to give away a few pies here and there this fall. They're so much fun to make and so bad for me to eat. Good thing I have lots of boys.


  1. I love all of those smells...and tastes. :)

  2. so, u can't of course mail me a pie. but will u share that pie crust recipe?
    sound like a good thing to do on a cold windy rainy blustery Poo like day.