Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Crank 'er Up!

It was a tired and cranky day. I've tried to be nice and I've tried to be pleasant. I can't tell how successful I've been because my perspective is skewed. All I can say is I made a valiant attempt.

I woke up with one of those funky head- aches, the kind I dread and typically blame on hormone fluxes. I took my daily vitamins and allergy medicine, topped them off with some ibuprofen, and called it breakfast. (ha ha! Not really. I ate rice chex and raisins.) My coffee has been tasting poor lately. I blamed it on the coffee the first few days, but now I'm thinking my creamer is likely less than fresh even though the date stamped on the container claims it is. I took my coffee at Dunkin Donuts instead today. (Thanks, Brenda!)

Because I was tired and headachy, I took a very long nap this afternoon. I did not sleep on the couch. Instead I hauled my body upstairs and flopped down upon my bed. I stayed there for 2½ hours! On a "normal" day that would have taken the crankiness right out of me, but not today. *sigh* Thankfully, my husband still loves me (I think), the day is almost over, and I get to start new again tomorrow.

PS. I did not bite or hit anyone, not even the dog.


  1. I've had one of those days too! Let's hope tomorrow is better for the both of us :)

  2. Aw...I hate those headaches. Hope yours is gone tomorrow!

    1. I still have a bit of a headache, but as long as the crankiness is gone things will have improved. I'm having my coffee as we speak.