Tuesday, September 09, 2014

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

Yesterday, after attending the funeral service for the sister of a longtime friend, Priscilla and I went out to lunch. According to my email and the folks in the restaurant, I had earned myself the privilege of a free "kid's meal". Oh, lucky me! Rather than let it expire, I decided to cash it in.

Kid's meals are typically a tad smaller than the average size lunch. I saw that I could get a bowl of soup, a half a sandwich, or a salad (Caesar or garden). I decided to order a bowl of soup for my "kid's meal" and then my favorite Fuji Apple Chicken salad which I would pay for out of pocket. I placed my order and watched the cashier get only slightly confused. I handed her a $20 bill but she handed it back and told me I didn't owe a thing. Now I was slightly confused.

When the servers called out my name and I went for my lunch there was no salad on the plate, just soup and chips. I explained the confusion and they went about fixing my salad which I again intended to pay for. When the salad came up they insisted I was "all set". No charge. So there you have it. There really is such a thing as a "Free Lunch"! You can't help but love this place!

PS. I did not take my camera this time. I "borrowed" this picture online.