Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Winter's Back Today

On this dark and dreary winter-ish day, I met my beautiful daughters for lunch. Beth called at the tail end of my Bible study and we agreed to meet at Panera Bread around noon. While I waited for the rest of my party to arrive, I met the eyes of a woman across the room, someone I have seen only once in the past 30 some years. (Facebook is great for catching up with old friends and being able to recognize them decades later.) Mairead and I gave each other a quick hug and I said hello to her husband before he left to pick up their lunches, and then I went back to my waiting.

Tonight I'm missing my parents, both of them. I hunted down my CD of Dad singing hymns and popped it into the computer. It can make me teary, but is comforting at the same time. "God Be With You Till We Meet Again," he sings, and I remember how comforting all those songs were four years ago. Life sure was a lot easier when I was a kid...


  1. Replies
    1. We grew up with music. The sad thing is I never learned to play a thing. :(

    2. But, I have a bazillion songs tucked away in my head. :0)

  2. I played the piano!
    Don't we all wish the same, Martha...
    When my Mom died, I was no longer anyone's child...
    I miss that....a lot♥️


    1. It's a strange and lonely thought.

  3. Music is such a part of our lives. Makes us happy, comforts us, makes us cry, so many emotions are tied to it. But I so glad we have it...it's a gift.

  4. I miss them terribly too. :\ God's not finished with us yet though, so on we go!

  5. Hi Martha
    Here from Betsy's and to say hello.
    My mother and Father both were musical and played the piano. I do still but not very well. Now I am alone I might take it up again but my late wife always liked to hear me play.

    We all miss our parents.

    1. Hi Eddie,
      Hello to you too.
      My mom always loved to hear dad play and sing. He wasn't a great singer, but he could play guitar and harmonica, and the house never lacked for songs.
      Yes, I guess we do all miss our parents, don't we?