Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tea, Toast, and Turtle Eggs

Last Tuesday we glanced out the living room window and saw an unusual sight. A snapping turtle was making its way up through the grass toward the house. It  had traveled quite a distance from the drainage ditch on the edge of our property and I found myself wondering how long the entire trip actually took.

Of course it's not every day that a turtle shows up outside my window. I called Rocky to see and grabbed my camera.

I am not a fan of taking photos through screens, so I had to go outside and get a better look at the prehistoric creature. (How cool is that?)

She made it all the way up into my flower garden where I assume she may have placed her nest. I didn't stick around to watch so I can't really be sure, and when I looked later in the afternoon, she had finished whatever business she had and there was no trace of her.

No such fun stuff today, just a cold rain. On the bright side, tomorrow's rain should be warmer.

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