Friday, April 11, 2014


I knew I should have jumped in the shower this morning, but I stayed in bed an extra ten minutes instead. A little before 9 am my "across the street" neighbor knocked on the door with a small white dog in her arms. Sofie had escaped.  (Visitor number one, Mrs. C.)

Bethany came around nine with a small grandson who stayed here while his big brother made a visit to the doctor's office. (Visitors two and three) Two hours later Beth took Cat to the vet and Josh stayed to play. (Visitor number four)

My Aunt Margie hadn't been over in a couple of weeks so I wasn't surprised to see her mid morning. She came in for a cup of tea and told me about her visit to Florida. (She was visitor five.)

Not long after lunch a black jeep pulled into the driveway. (Visitor number six) I went outside to greet our old friend Adam and give him a hug. (I told you he was one of my "dropper-inner" friends.) I made a fresh pot of coffee and we had a very nice visit. I

This week I had ten children pass through my doors. Half of them were grandchildren. I had lunch with a couple of friends on Tuesday, and tea and coffee with a couple more today. It's been a rather full and happy kind of week. Next week is spring break. I wonder what I'll do then?

PS. Look! It's spring! :0)


  1. I was just thinking about Aunt Margie today and wondered how she was doing. I'm so glad you've had so many meetings with friends lately, it's nice.

    I had lunch with an old friend today. We decided the next time we get together, it will be for a nice walk along the canal in Pittsford, including a stop for some frozen yogurt along the way.

  2. Sounds like all your visitors were welcomed. How nice...I could have made it 11 if I lived next door.