Thursday, October 06, 2011

Looking For Some Ideas

I've been perusing the barns in search ideas. I'm looking for a project and there are plenty of them around. I have plans, but most of them require me to either borrow someone else to do the work or somehow learn to do it myself. I really need to learn how to use power tools...

In the barn attic is a broken rocking chair. Only one rocker is busted, but it renders the chair pretty much useless, at least as a rocking chair, but I found an incredibly brilliant idea online. It involves "upcycling" an old chair and I have just the one! First I'll need to remove the legs and rockers altogether and attach the seat to a couple of sturdy boards with holes drilled in the ends. (Two boards, four holes) Then I'll get out a bright and cheery can or two of spray paint and liven it up a bit. Finally, some good strong rope and someone to help me hang it from that hefty branch on my weeping birch tree.

It will make the perfect swing! (Kind of like this one-->)I just wish winter wasn't looming so near. I might run out of momentum by spring. I wonder if there is anyplace wonderful to hang it inside...


  1. I might have to show this to the woodworkers in my house. I'm pretty sure we could come up with an appropriate chair to use!