Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Darling Daughter

Daughters, and sons too, have been known to look for special birthday wishes. Today was Bethany's twenty-sixth birthday. She spent it driving home form a weekend getaway with her two guys. We will celebrate her aging process along with Josh's 4th birthday this weekend (I think).

I've made several Bethany Lists already, but in honor of this special occasion I give you yet another.

1. Blond hair and green eyes, she looks like me and yet her daddy's Aunt Sharon all at once
2. Creative
3. Advocate for Compassion International in her own sense
4. A big sister and yet a little sister too
5. Baker and seller of pies
6. Energetic
7. World traveler
8. Brave
9. Encourager
10. Silly
11. Fun loving
12. Daughter, sister, wife, mom, aunt, cousin
13. Beautiful


PS. Don't forget my other post below, the fishy one.


  1. I am a day late, but happy birthday to beautiful Bethany Ann!! I love her, too:-)

  2. Yea! Happy birthday to me! I like your list. It is an evolving list, I think. Some new things on there that wouldn't have applied just a few short years ago. :)