Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Escape Hatch

I was totally overwhelmed on Monday. It wasn't the small children playing in my living room, just an overall unsettled stress deep within. Sometimes I find myself wondering whether the room is spinning or just my mind, and then I realize it's all those loose ends that never stay tied. On Sunday afternoon I heard part of a message on the radio. The pastor was speaking of those times when we go to pray and all we can muster is "Oh, Lord..." He said that was okay and God hears the cry of our hearts and so my prayer was just that, "Oh, Lord."

I had been wondering if God was hearing my prayers anymore or if He would ever answer my cry. On Tuesday morning my friend Vinnie came to play. I felt a sense of relief wash over me when I laughed at him kissing the goldfish through the side of the bowl. It was just the beginning. There was a phone call from a mom who I had agreed to babysit for. She doesn't need me after all. A little more stress relieved. Another phone call told me that my grandkids would be here today rather than Wednesday and that left Wednesday free and clear aside from putting Emma on and off the bus. Relief. And my friend Heather came to visit too. It was a wonderfully dark and rainy morning, perfect for a little bit of cleaning and a visit with a friend. In the afternoon Hannah and I ran out to the bank and a quick stop at the store. We ended the day with a Scrabble game between James, Hannah, and me. I think I lost, but that's okay. Today the pressure is relieved and all I had to do was trust God to provide a way of escape.


  1. Good morning! I get at my wit's end too. Monday my family was thanking God we got rid of the guns. I was so frustrated I could have shot Papa.
    It passes and we go on. God is always listening. love you,

  2. i'm needing that escape this week.

  3. Yolanda, it took me by surprise this week. I am blessed.

  4. Sometimes that happens to me when I words at all and just tears. I'm sure God knows our hearts when we can't put the words together to tell him. How wonderful that you were blessed with little things like that! :)

  5. It is a wise person who can see God's hand in the smallest things. Glad to hear that you are feeling less stressed.

  6. Kristen, I am just beginning to see God's hand in those little things. I'm so glad He is patient with me.

  7. Hmmmm
    how wise.
    I found myself calling out to God this week and just asking Jesus to pray for me when I could not find words to pray for myself.
    I am so glad you had a friend to visit and some Scrabble games to bask in with your family.
    I ♥ you!

  8. Thanks, Stacy. I <3 you too. :)


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