Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey You!

James and I went out for a ride yesterday. We drove south to Naples, NY, ate in a little restaurant, bought a grape pie, and headed toward home. In Canandaigua we stopped to buy gas. As James pumped gas, I glanced across the busy Main Street and chanced to see a large yellow dog taking his owner for a walk. I looked closer. I got out of the driver's seat and put my hands up to my mouth. "Hey!" I yelled. The woman looked my direction and I waved my hands. She stopped, stared for a moment, and shouted something I couldn't hear. The she pointed to the intersection just down the road and I knew she was going to cross over and talk to me. It was my sister, home from her weekend trip to Ohio, out walking (or being walked by) her dog. Sherman was excited to see us in his neck of the woods and slobbered us up the best he could. After a brief conversation we climbed back into our van and Priscilla continued her walk.

If only I had a van today I would drive back out to Priscilla's house for a real visit. I have long looked forward to Columbus Day, a day of no school, no small children, and a chance to do whatever I please. Sadly, I made an appointment for my husband's van to have the brakes done and put it right on my only day of uninterrupted freedom between now and Thanksgiving. I am trying to be adult about it. I haven't kicked, screamed, cried, or finagled,... at least not on the outside.

All of this has absolutely nothing to so with these brightly colored plastic Adirondack chairs we saw at the farm market in Naples. Personally, I think $249 is a little over the top for one chair even if they are pretty.


  1. What a fun and unexpected moment.

    Nice chairs....but not for that price.

  2. You know I would have been kicking and screaming:-) I hope you enjoyed your day anyway!

  3. $249? Yeah that's a bit much.

    It was fun seeing you.