Monday, March 07, 2011

Tug of War

Everyone loves Beanie Babies, even Sofie. She thinks they are called "monkeys" and finds them great for chasing across the hardwood floors and wonderful for Tug of War. Vinegar loves the game too and finds Sofie quite entertaining.

So begins another week... On Mondays I normally tend to get a pretty good start on the week ahead, though last Monday was rather pathetic. By the time Friday rolls around I am typically dreaming of how to catch up over the weekend only to find myself hopelessly behind again on Sunday night. This is likely because I spend most of Saturday running around shopping and doing things that cannot be accomplished during the regular weekdays. Sundays are not cleaning and catching up days and so those tasks are left for Mondays. I'm not sure I was successful today, but I did clean the goldfish bowl and possibly succeeded in killing the goldfish. We'll see... I've thought that other times and been wrong.

So tomorrow is Tuesday. If you think I might catch up on Tuesday, you are sadly mistaken. Tomorrow is the one morning I actually plan to leave the house. I'm going to Ladies' Prayer. If I am lucky I might run the vacuum cleaner and do the dishes afterward. But maybe I'll color with the Little Guy instead... Speaking of catching up, I washed my sheets this morning and they are still waiting to be put back on my bed. See you later!

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  1. You are getting all of the important things done:-) The other stuff can wait.