Wednesday, March 23, 2011

J is for Jam (and Jelly Beans)

J is for Jam.

Jam for snacks and jam for meals, I know how a jam jar feels- FULL... OF... JAM! -Frances the Hedgehog

Frances the hedgehog loved nothing better than bread and jam, until it was all she was ever given to eat.

One thing I can preserve well is jam. If there is not enough time to cook up a batch when the fruit is fresh, I freeze it and cook them up in the dead of winter. My favorite is strawberry, but we've made raspberry, blackberry, peach, and elderberry too. They're all yummy!

Of course, while speaking of the letter J, another thing comes to mind, jelly beans! My favorite jelly beans are the expensive little Jelly Bellies. James and I had the privilege of visiting the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California. (See here.) Oh, what fun! And think we came home with ten or twenty pounds of Belly Flops!!!

Of course, we must not forget Japan either, but I already posted on that here.

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  1. I've read that Francine book to my daughter! I like it.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Yes, what a cute story, and oh my your jam looks wonderful. I have not made jam for years...

    When we lived up North, I had a lot of fruit...I loved to make apricot/pineapple jam.

    I just heard my toast pop....pass the jam.

  3. What a yummy take on J!

    Come and see the Joys of our Lives, have a lovely day!

  4. I don't know the story and I rarely eat jam, I prefer salty things.
    Gattina ABC team

  5. A cute Jelly Bean VW!! Love it! Now all you dedicated housewives out there, please don't faint if I tell you I have never made jam.

  6. Oh what a great post!!! I loved the Francis books as a kid! Your post brought back warm memories! the Beetle car was also a nice touch.


  7. j is for jealous and wanting some of your jam.