Friday, March 18, 2011

I like This

James does not like to have his picture taken but he was a good sport yesterday and actually helped take this one. His arms are longer than mine so he could get a better angle. (Aren't we cute?)

It was a busy week of "gardening" and I so do appreciate the help of my daughter who lends a listening ear, a watchful eye, and helping hand, especially when the "seedlings" begin to multiply. Simon and Lucas came to play one day and, although it makes for a lot of action, I really did love the time I had to spend giving each of them a little love and attention.

We played all kinds of toys and Hannah took some time to sit at the table and color with a few of the little guys. Not only do they find it fun to scribble on paper and dump the crayons, but I think they especially love to climb on her lap for a hug or two. I'm beginning to think I need to make an artwork display somewhere in the living room now that my refrigerator is covered.

I managed to get half of my "flowers" to sleep at nap time. I settled everyone down and cuddled up on the couch with Lucas. He is as wiggly as his father was as a child and decided instead to play with my hair and point out facial features. I decided to take him outside in the fresh air and discovered it to be an absolutely gorgeous day. (This was yesterday.) I felt almost mean leaving the girls inside with Hannah when it was so nice, and so they came out to play too.

I am looking forward to having my grandsons around a little more often. Now that the weather is improving, Dave will be back to his landscaping business. I think I'm going to soak up all the loving I can get!


  1. Yes, you and James are very cute!

  2. Lovely picture of the two of you!

  3. I like it, too!

    I didn't get to enjoy the weather much... but my kids sure did. :) Glad you and Lucas got to!