Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Yesterday was busy and full of fun. I was blessed by a visit from two "grandflowers!" I think Simon looks different every time I see him. His hair has decided to lay down and behave now and he is looking like a little man now. He found an apple in my kitchen and decided it made a very good snack. He is still a cuddly little guy and gives some pretty nice hugs. I can hardly believe he will be celebrating a birthday in just over one month. What a fun little guy he is!

While Simon munched his apple, Lucas enjoyed a handful of raisins. I think this child can move his feet and legs faster than anyone I have ever met. He is full of energy but will take the time to sit and look at a book with me for a few minutes. I love hearing him talk. He loves snowplows, cars, and trucks. I think he's a keeper too.

Josh stopped by today, but it was a short visit and I didn't get any pictures. Maybe next time.


  1. Such handsome grandflowers you have!

  2. They are so sweet. I enjoy boys being boyish. :)