Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Long ago and far away a baby boy was born on a US Air Force base in Tokyo, Japan. His four older sisters remember the country of his birth much better than he does, and yet only his birth certificate reads Tachikawa Air Force Base, Tokyo, Japan.

Though he played amongst the bamboo trees, the only memory is in old photographs. He was not quite three years old when the family returned to the shores of North America, taking along a love for the Japanese people, their food, and language. Wasn't it just two weeks ago my own daughter wandered the Tokyo airport and purchased a small package of seaweed to bring home to her father? And those funny fish and shrimp crackers?

Today the country of Japan is in great danger and terrible turmoil. Our hearts are heavy as we read the news and watch footage of utter destruction. We pray for the Japanese people, hurt for their loss, hope for their safety, and realize the world will never be the same.


  1. What a connection you have to Japan. It is so overwhelming to see all of the devestation there.

  2. :(...How nice to have these old photos of James in Japan. I agree with Heather, it is overwhelming to see all the devastation, yet for some reason I am drawn to the television anyway, hoping for more dramatic rescues or an end to the nuclear situation they're in.

  3. Great pictures.... That is a real connection to Japan.

    It just doesn't stop...the saddness, the pictures, the devestation, we just keep praying.

  4. Those photos are adorable!

    It's heartbreaking what Japan is going through, isn't it? Oh my.