Saturday, March 05, 2011

From the Land of the Rising Sun

My dear Bethany arrived home late last night much to the delight of her three year old son and her husband. They stopped by for just a few minutes this afternoon and dropped off a couple of goodies Beth picked up in Tokyo on her way home; a small bag of caramel tasting rice crackers and peanuts, a large bag of interesting looking crackers, and a small package of seaweed. You must understand that my dear husband was born in Tokyo, so this was pretty special.

Years ago, before we were married James had a little package of seaweed sheets. He ate them like candy, but the rest of us found them a little too fishy for our palates. I suppose they are the kind used to make sushi... However well he likes seaweed, and he does, he was not quite sure what to think of the crackers that came out of the bigger package. I was brave and tasted several. They really did have a unique flavor and some pretty cool decorations too. My cousin tells me this is likely a squid ink flavored cracker and that is why it is black. Don't you just love the little shrimpy guy on top?