Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today was Thursday. Thursday has become my busy day. Both Josh and Lucas come to visit and on normal weeks I pick Troy up from preschool at noon. Next week I will add something new; Creative Writing Class for Ben and Hannah. It should be interesting working out the drop off and pick up details...
Lucas is growing fast. He is much stronger and bright-eyed than just a few weeks ago. He loves my ceiling fan and smiles at it numerous times throughout the day. He is full of smiles and cooing and loves to be held. He wiggles the entire time he drinks his bottle so there is no putting him down and propping it up, instead the grandmother sits and holds it for him, and she doesn't mind.
Josh is full of ideas and keeps us entertained with his funniness. This morning he was on Hannah's lap and leaned over so tenderly to give her a kiss on the nose. It was really all so sweet until he sneezed mid-kiss. It sent me into gales of laughter. He is saying a lot of words for an almost 17 month old boy. I am looking toward warmer, drier weather when I can take the little ones out for a walk.


  1. He is a cutie-patootie! And so is Josh!

  2. Nothing like Grandma-ing is there? :D
    I get the Grands this Sunday afternoon and take them back on Tuesday afternoon. I love spring break with Grands !

  3. I laughed out loud at Josh's mid kiss sneeze. I think Hannah loves being an Aunt, doesn't she? Those little grandson's of yours sure are cute!

  4. Oh, how sweet he is!
    Both of your grandsons are soo so cute!!

  5. He's so adorable!! My grandson turned 4 months yesterday, he's been in Norway for a month visiting with my son-in-law's family. I really miss them, but it's important to share him with the ones across the ocean.. I keep telling myself, but it's true. They do have a way of growing up so quickly! Just think.. I was talking with a stranger recently, she said she had "2 grandkids, that was enough for her, thank goodness"!! I felt so bad for her, she just didn't enjoy them. Oh well, we can count our blessings. He is really cute!!!

  6. Cheryl, they grow up so fast I can't imagine not wanting more than two children let alone two grandchildren. I'm really having so much fun with Josh I can hardly wait for Lucas to start dropping toys all over the house!