Friday, March 06, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Story Books

It is a good day for baking cookies. We have lots of milk in the fridge and nothing tastes better for a snack than milk and cookies. In the past two weeks I have made double batches of both peanut butter and molasses cookies. Both batches disappeared very quickly and without much help from me. I indulged in just one peanut butter cookie and had not even a bite of my very favorite molasses. I have determined to change my eating habits, but I still love to bake and watch my friends and family enjoy the results.
It is also a good day for reading stories. Troy has already had me read Huge Harold. Bill Peet is one of our best loved authors. He has written so many wonderful children's books and the pictures he drew for them are classic. I think maybe after lunch we will read a few more stories, maybe the one about Hubert's Hair-Raising Adventure. If only I could find some crocodile tears, like Hubert, I could make my hair grow faster too. Next week I will visit the library and find some more Bill Peet books, maybe Jennifer and Josephine or Smokey.


  1. I LOVE Bill Peet's books too!

    Milk and cookies sounds great! I need to change my eating habits too. It seems the more I exercise, the heavier I get. Maybe I justify eating junk because of it. In any case I am determined to do better! :)

    Have a fun day! Did you ever reach Rhonda?

  2. Yes, Rachel, I did. We are now facebook friends.

  3. I can tell those must be great books just by looking at the covers. Those drawings are charming! Now I'm hungry for milk and cookies.

  4. Love the illustrations.....
    Like yourself.... I adore baking and I give most away so I don't gain back all the weight I lost!

  5. I think I'll have to look Bill Peet up. I'm always looking for some good books... I wonder if I've read any?